8 Styling Myths You Need To Bust

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We all know that you don’t wear white after labor day, er, uh memorial day? Nobody is sure. We also know that your bag MUST match your shoes, or should it? I say throw out those dated rules and experiment with fashion! You don’t need to be a slave to some fashion code of conduct created generations ago, do your own thing! Here are 8 rules I want you to break now!

Don’t wear white after labor day?  Forget it! Wear white all year, its crisp, its elegant, why not enjoy it!


Don’t mix patterns?  forget that too! Mix away, add some flare to your style!
Navy and Black don’t match, bah hum bug!
Shiny is NOT just for evening wear!
You don’t have to be super tall and thin to wear long dresses or pantsuits.
Stockings with open toe shoes, go for it!
Last but not least, gold and silver look great together and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
Your bag has to match your shoes, no way! Mix it up!

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