6 Beautiful Braided Hairstyles You’ll Love

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Braids are a universal hairstyle. Two braids, one, hundreds, and every generation seems to have their own take on the braided style. This summer we’ve seen some pretty incredible braided hair designs. Stylists are becoming really inventive with hair braiding and I just love it. A braided up do is great for a formal party, or a day at the beach, and pretty much any other occasion.

hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-braids-02-Marc-bks-A-RF14-3971-lg hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-braids-03-Etro-clp-RF14-5673-comp-lg hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-braids-04-Miller-clpi-RF14-7261-lg hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-braids-05-DolceeGabbana-fw14-0303-comp-lg hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-braids-06-Givenchy-bks-A-RF14-9647-lg hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-braids-07-Pucci-bks-D-RF14-1028-comp-lg

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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