Curly Hair Don’t Care

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There has been a major increase in girls, just letting their curls go wild. Big, unruly, curly locks are gaining popularity. Absolutely adorable curls, 1930s curls, messy curls, long curls, short curls, it doesn’t matter. Styling curly hair can be a handful and you never know when and if your curly main will cooperate, so here a few styles to try out, for either a night on the town or a casual day at the beach!

05-alberta-ferretti-spring-2014-rumpled-braid 08-bottega-veneta-fall-2013-40s-inspired-hair 11-curly-hair 17-rodarte-fall-2013-braided-twist 19-wavy-low-ponytail

Beyoncé Curly-Medium-Hairstyles-Trend

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