Off Duty Ballerina Hair Trend

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So, the messy bun has taken on a new look. Stylists are calling it the  “off duty ballerina”. This is not the sleek bun, we are accustomed to seeing on true ballet dancers, this look is relaxed and a little chaotic. Personally, I love it. Dirty hair, no problem just rock this look and you’ll be stylish all day.

hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-ballerina-bun-02-Cavalli-clp-RF14-8167-lg (1) hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-ballerina-bun-03-Von-Furstenberg-bks-D-RF14-6520-lg hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-ballerina-bun-04-Prada-bks-A-RF14-6121-comp-lg hbz-fw2014-hair-trends-ballerina-bun-05-Altuzarra-bks-A-RF14-7146-lg summer-hair-kate-mara-voluminous-bun

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

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