5 Strappy Heels That Will Make You Swoon

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What woman doesn’t love a pair of strappy heels? They can be flirty, sexy and fun, casual or formal.  They look great in every season and there is a strappy heel in just the right height, style, and color to go with literally any outfit.  This heel has been in style since, women began wearing heels. Just make sure you have a great pedicure to go with your super stylish shoes.  Here are five of my favorite strappy heels from 2014 Fashion Week.

elle-best-fall-2014-shoes-ferretti-clp-rf14-0640-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-givenchy-clp-rf14-2028-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-herrera-clp-rf14-4003-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-j-crew-clp-rf14-612-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-prabal-gurung-clp-rf14-8782-v-xln

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