These Boots Aren’t Made For Walkin

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This season designers of come up with some pretty interesting designs for Fall boots. The style is definitely edgy, and a little archaic but they look great! I’m seeing some great new looks, and original designs. Fall is boot season and it’ll be here before you know it, you’ll want to get a jump on your boot buying this year, there are so many styles to choose from.  These boots in particular are going to be incredibly trendy!

elle-best-fall-2014-shoes-acne-clp-rf14-1375-v-xln elle-best-fall-2014-shoes-calvin-klein-clp-rf14-1727-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-phillip-lim-clp-rf14-5273-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-pucci-clp-rf14-9941-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-saint-laurent-clp-rf14-5627-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-tom-ford-clp-rf14-6158-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-tracy-reese-clp-rf14-0772-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-valentino-clp-rf14-1942-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-versace-clp-rf14-7124-v-xln

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