Killer Shoes From Outerspace?

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Some trends are harder to grasp than others.  There are some pretty interesting shoes coming out this fall, I’m not sure that these are of this world or from another dimension.  These looks are for people who live on the edge, or on Mars.  Either way, these shoes are a must see, you’ll either love them, or fear they will abduct you. I’ll hand it to the designers, they are definitely eye catching.

elle-best-fall-2014-shoes-chanel-clp-rf14-0187-v-xln elle-best-fall-2014-shoes-kenzo-clp-rf14-3603-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-dior-clp-rf14-0366-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-house-of-holland-clp-rf14-3951-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-miu-miu-clpi-rf14-1840-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-opener-QTfgRO-h-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-owens-clp-rf14-7314-v-xln elle-best-shoes-fall-2014-ruffian-clp-rf14-8202-v-xln

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